I want to share with you an exciting news: just a moment ago the kick-off meeting of the project „Revolutionizing Space Lubrication: Elevating Tribological Excellence with Flake Graphene Innovations” took place. As part of this project, scientists from the Flake Graphene Research Group: Małgorzata Djas and Adrian Chlanda (Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics), will collaborate with researchers from Astronika sp. z o.o.: Marcelina Stasik and Jerzy Grygorczuk on the space application of G-Flake graphene materials.

Today’s meeting with the project coordinators from European Space Agency – ESA allowed for the presentation of project goals and the integration of the individuals involved in its activity.

We hope to turn the ambitious scientific goals into the implementation of a commercial product for the demanding market of materials for space use.

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