General information

  Anonymous data collected automatically:

Some data (without identifying information) may be stored in cookies. Part of the data (without identifying data) may be transmitted to a statistical service provider.


a) Internal cookies – files uploaded to and read from the user’s device by the Service’s data communications system,

b) External cookies – files placed on and read from the user’s device by the information and communication systems of the external services defined in point 3 below. The scripts of the external services that may place Cookies on the user’s device have been deliberately placed on the Website through the scripts and services made available and installed on the Website

c) Session cookies – files uploaded to and read from a user’s device by the Website during a single session of that device. When the session ends, the files are deleted from the user’s device,

d) Persistent cookies– files uploaded and read from the user’s device by the Service until they are manually deleted. The files are not deleted automatically after the end of the device session unless the configuration of the user’s device is set to delete cookies after the end of the device session.

The Website may contain tools or content that direct users to external websites providing multimedia, social or other services. The Administrator uses javascript and web components of these services on the Website, which may place external cookies on the user’s device. The list of external websites can be found below: 

The services provided by these sites are outside the control of the Administrator. The providers of these services have their own terms and conditions and their own privacy policies. Remember that in your browser settings you can decide on the allowed cookies that can be used by individual websites. The Administrator makes all possible efforts to verify and select partners of the Website in the context of user security. The Administrator selects well-known, large partners with global public trust for cooperation. However, it does not have full control over the content of cookies from external partners. The Administrator is responsible for the security of cookies, their content and their licence-compliant use by the Scripts installed on the Website, originating from external services.

The purpose of the use of cookies by the Website is to improve and facilitate access to the Website, to keep statistics related to the number of users, the number of visits to the Website, the types of devices connecting to the Website The purposes of the use of external cookies are indicated in the relevant privacy policies of the external websites.

The mechanisms for storing, reading and exchanging data between the cookies stored on the user’s device and the Service are implemented through the built-in mechanisms of web browsers and do not allow the collection of other data from the user’s device or data of other websites visited by the user, including personal data or confidential information. The transfer of viruses, Trojan horses and other worms to the user’s device is also virtually impossible.

The internal cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the users’ devices and do not contain scripts, content or information that may compromise the security of personal data or the security of the device used by the user.

The Administrator uses all possible technical measures to ensure the security of the data placed in cookies. However, it should be noted that ensuring the security of this data depends on both parties including the user’s activity. The Administrator shall not be held responsible for the interception of such data, impersonation of the User’s session or its deletion, as a result of the User’s conscious or unconscious activity, viruses, Trojan horses and other spyware with which the User’s Device may be or has been infected. In order to protect themselves from these threats, Users should follow good practices for safe use of the network (up-to-date operating system, up-to-date anti-virus software, use of secure and trusted WI-FI, etc.).

The user can, at any time, independently change the settings for storing, deleting and accessing stored cookies by each website.

Information on how to disable cookies in the most popular computer browsers is available at how to disable cookies or at one of the designated suppliers:

The user may at any time delete any cookies stored to date using the tools of the user’s device through which the user uses the services of the Website.