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Why G-FlakE®?

Unique Cooperation Model

How much graphene oxide (GO) or graphene reduced oxide (RGO) do you need to upgrade your product, which form of GO or RGO is better for you: liquid or powder, maybe? You don’t need to know it, leave to the experts – US ;)! This is why we offer not only graphene but also our support, know-how and advice! Throughout the project, a team of our scientists, who have patented G-Flake® GO & RGO and develop products based on it, is here to help you. Let’s meet, discuss and create something new together! When you say YES, our account manager will assist you from the very beginning.

Graphene & Services Tailored to Your Needs

What makes our graphene so unique? It is not only of top quality; we want you to end up with a product tailored to your needs. G-Flake® is not just a ready-to-buy product laying on the shelf. Our researchers can design graphene that will match your expectations – they will adjust its properties to make your final product the way you want to have it: hydrophobic, bacteria or corrosion free – those name just a few of our graphene’s amazing properties!
P.S. We don’t sell just G-Flake graphene materials but also offer a wide range of services (such as graphene characterization, solvent alteration, flakes embroidered to name a few) to tell you if your graphene has desired properties.

Cooperation Model


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G-Flake® Proved Applications

Anticorrosive properties Case study

During the experiment conducted in our laboratories, one part of the tested samples was coated with a water-based varnish containing graphene and the other – with varnish without graphene. The tests were carried out in a neutral salt fog environment, in conditions conducive to corrosion, where it quickly became clear which coating fulfills its anticorrosive function better. The samples coated with water-based varnish containing no graphene oxide corroded approximately 20%, while corrosion covered only up to 0.5% of the surface of the samples with coatings incorporating graphene oxide.

Our expert team

If you are wondering who is behind this project: our team works for Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics which is part of one of the biggest research networks in Europe, counting 7000 employees. We work in line with the Science is Business model – that means we offer business owners solutions designed to help them streamline their business operations and develop game-changing technologies. We believe that your success is our success!

to sum it up, you can find our G-Flake® graphene in the following forms:

GO suspension

It is simply a dispersion of it in a liquid medium.


It is dried graphene oxide – a unique material that can be viewed as a few layers of graphite with various oxygen-containing functional groups.



It is dried reduced graphene oxide – chemically reduced graphene oxide with properties similar to pristine graphene.

GRaphene Paste

It is a dispersion of graphene or graphene oxide sheets in a liquid medium (usually water), often used as a coating or as a precursor for graphene paper production.

Graphene Paper

It is a thin sheet made of graphene or graphene oxide, which exhibits excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties and has potential applications in various fields.

The material most suitable to your needs, custom-made.

It is the different types and amazing purity of
G-Flake® graphene that make its properties so well-defined.

When buying our G-Flake®, you pay not only for graphene but also get our support.

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