Today, we will go through the transfer of graphene technology and materials to the industry. In the era of artificial intelligence, space technologies, and advanced multifunctional materials, we should ask ourselves whether investments in carbon-based material technology are truly necessary for us. If so, why?

Knowing the properties of graphene materials, one can attempt to apply them to specific applications necessary in selected industrial branches. That’s the theory. In practice, it is much more challenging for scientists wanting to collaborate with the industry. Often, an impossible-to-beat entry criterion is the scale of production, which strongly limits collaboration with large companies. Therefore, one of the imperatives for the scientific world wishing to establish effective business collaboration is to consider the possibility of increasing the scale of production at the stage of designing new technologies. Another criterion is, of course, the cost of production, which is also correlated with the size of production capacity. To successfully implement graphene materials into everyday objects, continuous efforts are needed to reduce their cost while maintaining high quality. The quality of the offered materials itself is another subject of discussion with business entities.

We are curious about how this looks in other countries than Poland and other scientific institutions. Do scientists in other countries have to take care of commercializing research results themselves? Do they have the support of highly qualified commercialization experts? How many real application solutions based on graphene are available on the market? Are these specialized solutions and, due to the price, only accessible to the wealthiest customers, or are they products available to any interested customer? What is consumer awareness regarding nanomaterials – do people fear new solutions, or on the contrary, are they eagerly anticipating them? Do you know any graphene products available on the market that are well promoted and where graphene is supposed to attract the customer’s attention?

We will be happy to learn about commercial graphene success stories from other places in the world, to understand the market dependencies that elude us, and to be able to better diagnose the situations we experience at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics.

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