In today’s Graphene Weekly post, we are pleased to introduce you to another characterization method of graphene materials, namely the Hall Effect apparatus.

When it comes to graphene applications and its design, electrical properties play a crucial role, particularly in flexible electronics, composites, and energy storage materials. Here, in the Flake Graphene Research Group, we use Hall Effect Measurement equipment, which employs the Van der Pauw method to determine resistivity and conductivity. The apparatus, equipped with two compatible temperature modules, allows to characterize materials at both low and high temperatures (ranging from 77K to 770K).

This measurement system not only allows us to characterize the resistivity of materials but also enables us to determine the Hall coefficient. This, in turn, is used to retrieve the material’s doping type and level, as well as the mobility of the majority carriers. Such parameters are essential for semiconductor materials.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist, Agata:

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