Today we will talk about one of the fundamental materials offered by the G-Flake® brand, which is graphene oxide (GO).

It’s important to emphasize from the beginning that GO is not the same as graphene. It has different properties, which doesn’t mean they are inferior. Skillful control of these properties can be used to develop important inventions. The properties of graphene oxide are closely correlated with the degree of oxidation, which affects its wettability, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity. Other material parameters such as flake size and the number of carbon atomic layers are also important to consider.

It is worth to underline, that biomedical applications of GO require a material characterized by a high degree of purification after the chemical synthesis process, which involves the use of many health-hazardous chemicals.

At Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, we have the capability to produce graphene oxide flakes in form of (typically water-based) suspension and powder of different sizes, degrees of oxidation, morphologies, and with a small number of carbon layers. Above all, we can boast unique solutions in the field of graphene oxide purification, making our GO a highly competitive material for many applications.

We work on GO applications i.e. in the field of regenerative medicine, as drug carriers, but also as a component of anti-corrosion paints and a barrier materials in hydrogen tanks.

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