Buckle up and read about the interesting information that can be obtained through BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) analysis, as well as why studying the distribution of pore sizes and specific surface area (SSA) is essential for graphene materials. 
Extracting information on specific surface area is crucial for industrial processes and chemical reactions. Substances with identical mass and volume can differ in surface activity and adsorption capacity depending on their specific surface area. Therefore, measuring this parameter is important for determining actual features of tested materials (e.g., catalysts and adsorbents). It is worth to underline that SSA is correlated with two parameters of the studied material: particle size and porosity.

In the Flake Graphene Research Group at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Tomasz Strachowski utilizes BET technique as a complementary research tool to describe the degree of reduction of graphene materials. This allows us to develop new reduction techniques, consequently leading to designation of final properties and applications of G-Flake® materials as higher the SSA, higher the electrical conductivity.

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