Today’s entry is devoted to one of the most basic techniques for characterizing of manifold materials, including graphene and its derivatives – Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
Scanning electron microscopy allows to visualize morphological features of conductive materials and in case of G-Flake® products, it allows to indicate one of its most important parameters, determining final properties of such carbon based 2D nanomaterial – GO and rGO flakes size. In a Flake Graphene Research Group we take the advantage of SEM capabilities to be able to assess how a specific solvent affects flakes’ morphology, and thus select solvent appropriate for designed application.
We can also determine the presence of impurities attached to flakes basal plane. In order to succeed with this task, EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis) detector could be a good tool to choose from. A microscope equipped with such detector is able to determine the elemental composition of the surface of the analyzed sample, which can also be of crucial importance in the case of composites materials including of GO/rGO and other elements.

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