G-Flake® graphene oxide (GO) has been used to fabricate G-Flake® graphene oxide paper (GO paper) and afterward has been reinforced with carbon fibers to improve the mechanical properties of the pristine GO paper. That’s what you can find in the newest copy of CARBON. Want to learn more? Great!

Results of our research have clearly shown that G-Flake® graphene oxide flakes are only about 1.26 nm thick. (As a comparison: virus particles are at least 18 nm in diameter). What’s more, investigated materials have been characterized by the negative thermal expansion coefficient and even slight carbon fibers addition can significantly reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning carbon fiber-reinforced GO paper is much less sensitive to changes in temperature!

The G-Flake® GO paper has been obtained according to the procedure of our patent titled „Method of preparing graphene paper” EP2842910B1 developed at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics.

Characterisation of G-Flake® GO and The G-Flake® GO paper has been conducted using techniques such as SEM, AFM, elemental analysis, thermal analysis (DSC/TG), and DMA. For more details, please check out mentioned above ‘carbon copy’ or just contact the authors.

To learn more go to: Compositing graphene oxide with carbon fibers enables improved dynamical thermomechanical behavior of papers produced at a large scale

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