Good morning! Today’s blog post is devoted to presentation of our G-Flake® brand.

G-Flake® is a recently established brand of a materials related to flake graphene, synthesized in the Flake Graphene Research Group at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics. The group has many years of experience in the field of fabricating and applying carbon-based nanomaterials, which is reflected in numerous patents and scientific publications in renowned journals.

We are capable of creating various forms of such materials, including graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, graphene oxide paste, and paper. Many years of hard work and a systematic scientific approach have resulted in unique solutions and the acquisition of flakes differing in size, shape, oxidation level, and specific surface area, which translates to specific properties of resulting materials, including electrical and thermal conductivity, surface wettability, osteoinductivity, biocidal properties, anticorrosive and mechanical properties.

In addition to being a producer of carbon nanomaterials, our team of experts is ready to assist customers in finding the best material best suited for a specific application. This is the only way to achieve success, as it is not possible to produce one type of material fitting for different uses. Each application requires a specific type of material and its inherent properties. We are eager to push the boundaries even further and to take on even more challenging tasks.

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